Professor Nicole Bell

Nicole works at the interface of particle physics with astrophysics and cosmology. Her current interests include dark matter, the cosmological matter-antimatter asymmetry and neutrino physics.  She leads the theory program of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics. More →

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Associate Professor Matthew Dolan

Matthew’s research is on the phenomenology of Beyond-the-Standard Model physics. He is interested in the phenomenology of all aspects of dark matter, and in the development of new analysis methods which can be applied to collider physics. More →


Dr Andrea Thamm

Andrea’s work focuses on physics beyond the Standard Model. She is interested in models which address open questions in the Standard Model, such as the hierarchy problem, the strong CP problem and the quest for dark matter, and their phenomenology at current and future experiments. Andrea is also passionate about improving equity and diversity in the theoretical particle physics community. More →


Professor Raymond Volkas

Ray has worked on many aspects of physics beyond the standard model in his career. His current interests centre on the construction of theories for neutrino mass generation and their associated flavour physics effects, the particle nature of dark matter, and baryogenesis. More →



Research fellows

Dr Michael Baker

Michael works on physics beyond the Standard Model, with a focus on dark matter. He is particularly interested in novel production mechanisms of dark matter, the properties of dark matter in the early universe and the experimental signatures of promising candidates. More →


Innes Bigaran

Dr Peter Cox

Peter’s research is focused on dark matter model-building and direct detection. He is particularly interested in possible connections between dark matter and other long-standing problems of the Standard Model. Peter also works on other aspects of beyond the Standard Model physics. He is an Australian Research Council DECRA fellow. More →


Dr Jayden Newstead

Jay works on particle dark matter phenomenology, mainly focusing on the direct detection of dark matter. He is also interested in looking for beyond standard model physics with coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering. More →





Innes Bigaran PhD 2022
Leon Friedrich PhD 2021 Postdoc at TD Lee Institute/UMass Amherst
Isaac Sanderson PhD 2021
John Gargalionis PhD 2021 Postdoc at IFIC Valencia
Tomasz Dutka PhD 2021 Postdoc at KIAS
Stephen Lonsdale PhD 2018 Postdoc at IBS Korea
Rebecca Leane PhD 2017 Postdocs at MIT, SLAC; Staff at SLAC
Amelia Brennan PhD 2017 Data analyst
Jackson Clarke PhD 2016 Industry
Peter Cox PhD 2016 Postdocs at IPMU Tokyo, U. Melbourne
Iason Baldes PhD 2015 Postdocs at DESY, U. Brussels
Ben Callen PhD 2014 Data scientist
Nadine Pesor PhD 2014 Quantitative analyst
Ahmad Galea PhD 2013 Postdoc at U. Oslo
Jayne Thompson PhD 2012 Postdoc at Nat. U. Singapore
Thomas Jacques PhD 2011 Postdocs at Arizona State, U. Geneva, SISSA
Damien George PhD 2009 Postdocs at NIKHEF, U. Cambridge
Sandy Law PhD 2009 Postdocs at Chung Yuan Christian U., Nat. Cheng Kung U.
Alison Demaria PhD 2007 Industry


Sandra Robles 2017 — 2021 Postdoc at Kings College London
Giorgio Busoni 2015 — 2018 Postdoc at MPI Heidelberg
Tyler Corbett 2015 — 2018 Postdoc at Niels Bohr Institute
Zhao-Huan Yu 2015 — 2018 Faculty at Sun Yat-sen U.
Yi Cai 2012 — 2017 Faculty at Sun Yat-sen U.
James Barnard 2012 — 2016 Data scientist
Andrew Spray 2012 — 2015 Postdoc at IBS Korea
Anibal Medina 2012 — 2015 Postdoc at IPhT Saclay; Faculty at La Plata U.
Tirtha Sankar Ray 2012 — 2014 Faculty at IIT Kharagpur
Michael Schmidt 2010 — 2014 Lecturer at U. Sydney; Faculty at UNSW
Donatello Dolce 2010 — 2012 Lecturer at U. Camerino
Kalliopi Petraki 2009 — 2012 Postdoc at NIKHEF; Faculty at LPTHE, Sorbonne U.
Benedict von Harling 2008 — 2012 Postdocs at SISSA, DESY, IFAE Barcelona
Archil Kobakhidze 2007 — 2012 Faculty at U. Sydney
Nicholas Setzer 2008 — 2011 Postdoc at U. Granada
Shrihari Gopalakrishna 2010 Faculty at IMSc Chennai