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  1. Felix Yu (JGU Mainz)

    4:00pm May 22, 2024: TBA

  2. Ivan Esteban (Basque U.)

    4:00pm May 8, 2024: Accreting neutron stars: the potential third MeV astrophysical neutrino source

  3. Maximilian Ruhdorfer (Cornell)

    10:00am Apr 24, 2024: Instanton NDA for Axion Models

  4. Anna Suliga (UC Berkeley)

    10:00am Apr 17, 2024: Strategies for detecting low-energy neutrino fluxes

  5. William DeRocco (UC Santa Cruz)

    1:00pm Mar 25, 2024: Exploring the dark side with high-cadence microlensing

  6. Gustavo Marques-Tavares (Maryland)

    10:00am Mar 13, 2024: SPartAcous: a new interacting dark sector model faces cosmological tensions

  7. Junichiro Kawamura (IBS Korea)

    2:00pm Feb 15, 2024: Finite modular symmetry for flavor hierarchies and strong CP

  8. Zara Bagdasarian (UC Berkeley)

    11:00am Dec 8, 2023: Solar neutrinos overview and advances towards Theia multipurpose neutrino detector

  9. Yen-Hsun Lin (Academia Sinica)

    11:00am Oct 18, 2023: Signatures of afterglows from light dark matter boosted by supernova neutrinos in large underground detectors

  10. Tracy Slatyer (MIT)

    2:00pm Sep 14, 2023: Dark Matter, Cosmic Background Radiation, and the Birth of the First Stars

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