Venus Keus (DIAS)

2:00pm Friday July 28, 2023
Geoff Opat Seminar Room

CP-violation in the dark sector

Extended scalar sectors are a common feature of almost all beyond Standard Model (SM) scenarios which, in fact, can address many of the SM shortcomings solely on their own. While many beyond SM scenarios have lost their appeal due to the non-observation of their predicted particles or are experimentally inaccessible, scalar extensions are well within the reach of many current and upcoming experiments. Moreover, they allow for the novel phenomenon of dark CP-violation which was introduced for the first time in the context of non-minimal Higgs frameworks with an extended dark sector. In this talk, I will discuss CP-violation in non-minimal Higgs frameworks and the exotic possibilities arising therein, such as CP-violating Dark Matter and CP-violating inflation. I will point out their implications for cosmology and collider searches.