Yen-Hsun Lin (Academia Sinica)

11:00pm Wednesday October 18, 2023
Geoff Opat Seminar Room

Signatures of afterglows from light dark matter boosted by supernova neutrinos in large underground detectors

Supernova neutrino boosted dark matter (SNν BDM) and its afterglow effect stand as promising signatures for exploring beyond Standard Model (bSM) physics. The unique time-evolution feature of SNν BDM offers a direct avenue for inferring DM mass, concurrently leading to substantial background reduction with increasing sensitivity. In this talk, I will expound upon the SNν BDM framework applicable to next supernovae occurring anywhere in our galaxy, emphasizing its distinctive signatures that facilitate DM mass extraction. Additionally, I will present anticipated sensitivities on DM-ν and DM-e cross sections, derived from experiments including Super-Kamiokande, Hyper-Kamiokande, and DUNE, and compare these projected results with existing constraints.