Clara Hormigos-Feliu (TU Dortmund)

5pm Wednesday November 25, 2020

Asymptotically safe models with Higgs and flavor portals

Standard Model extensions inspired by asymptotic safety generally contain vector-like fermions and singlet matrix scalar fields. In this talk we will focus on models with three generations of colorless vector-like fermions, which allow for portal Yukawa interactions with leptons. Together with a Higgs portal to the BSM scalars, these lead to rich phenomenological implications. We will discuss signatures in anomalous magnetic moments and EDMs, and argue how in certain cases the discrepancies in both the anomalous magnetic moments of the electron and the muon can be explained. Furthermore, decays of vector-like leptons through the new scalars lead to LFV-like signatures which can be used to search for the models at colliders. Exploiting this feature, we build targeted observables and null tests of the SM which can help discern the masses of the BSM sector.