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  1. Ciaran O’Hare (Sydney)

    4:00pm Oct 27, 2021: Venturing into the neutrino fog

  2. Volodymyr Takhistov (IPMU)

    4:00pm Oct 13, 2021: Exploring Depths of the Dark: Neutrinos, Axion Explosions and Multiverse Black Holes

  3. Zahra Tabrizi (Virginia Tech)

    10:00am Sep 29, 2021: EFT Constraints from Neutrino Experiments

  4. George Zahariade (IFAE)

    4:00pm Sep 15, 2021: Quantum Mechanics of Gravitational Waves

  5. Nicholas Rodd (UC Berkeley)

    3:30pm Sep 1, 2021: New ideas for the axion dark matter program

  6. Hank Lamm (Fermilab)

    11:00am June 9, 2021: The Long Story Short: Quantum Simulations for High Energy Physics

  7. Rupert Coy (ULB)

    3:30pm May 26, 2021: The domain of thermal dark matter candidates

  8. Kai Schmitz (CERN)

    4:00pm May 12, 2021: NANOGrav and Cosmic Strings from Cosmological B-L Breaking

  9. Konstantin Springmann (TUM)

    4:00pm April 21, 2021: Axions in dense objects

  10. Joshua Eby (Kavli IPMU)

    3:30pm March 17, 2021: Axion Stars: Towards the Planck Scale

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