Rupert Coy (ULB)

3:30pm Wednesday May 26, 2021

The domain of thermal dark matter candidates

I will consider the possible parameter space of thermal dark matter candidates, starting from the assumption that the dark matter particle is fundamental and was in thermal equilibrium in a hidden sector with a temperature T’, which may differ from that of the Standard Model temperature, T. The candidates lie in a region in the T’/T vs. m_{dm} plane, which is bounded by both theoretical and observational constraints. The former includes limits on dark matter candidates that decoupled when relativistic (the relativistic floor) and from those that decoupled when non-relativistic with the largest annihilation cross section allowed by unitarity (the unitarity wall), while the latter concerns big bang nucleosynthesis (N_{eff} ceiling) and free-streaming. I will present a few simplified dark matter scenarios, demonstrating concretely how each fits into the domain.